Capital Planning


In keeping with our commitment to excellence in teaching and learning, service and research, Vancouver Island University (VIU) is dedicated to providing high quality teaching & learning environments that serve the diverse needs of our students, visitors, faculty and staff.

Nanaimo Campus Master Plan

The Nanaimo Campus Master Plan (NCMP) is a comprehensive plan that informs the future development of VIU’s Nanaimo Campus.

The Nanaimo CMP identifies the most responsible use of campus land, establishes a meaningful physical context for all future facilities, and provides a set of strategies to guide all future development.  The plan is a mechanism to address improvement and growth in a manner that is institutionally, socially, fiscally, operationally and environmentally sustainable.  The Nanaimo CMP is a three-phase indicative plan -short, mid, and long term- that guides our Five-Year Capital Plan and all development on campus.

The Nanaimo Campus Master Plan was recognized by the Society for College and University Planning in 2010. Learn more about the award.

Five-Year Capital Plan

Vancouver Island University's Five-Year Capital Plan is a living document that is updated annually, and adjusted based on provincial & institutional priorities, industry demands.  The Plan is guided by the proposed development outlined in the Nanaimo Campus Master Plan, and its primary focus is to replace facilities that are in poor condition, to improve accessibility & sustainability, and to create high quality learning environments.

The VIU Board of Governors has adopted the 2022-2027 Five Year Capital Plan.

The capital projects proposed in the plan include a total expenditure of $477.8M, and consist of the planning and development of the following:

  1.  Cowichan Trades & Technology Centre
  2. Health & Science Centre Phase II 
  3. Student Housing Expansion
  4. Athletic Centre
  5. Campus Accessibility & Inclusion Upgrades
  6. Digital Learning Environment
  7. Mechanical Modernization & Efficiency Retrofits
  8. Indigenous Gathering Place - Phase II
  9. VIU Childcare Centre
  10. Welding, Electrical & Power Engineering Complex
  11. Student Activity Centre
  12. Arts & Humanities Centre