VIU Nanaimo Campus Looking West

Facilities and Ancillary Services

Facilities & Ancillary Services (FAS) oversees the physical space and commercial services that support teaching and learning activities at VIU. FAS is comprised of the following areas:  

Facilities Services
Services include mechanical systems, furniture and equipment, grounds management, mail, shipping & receiving, building maintenance, parking, material handling, waste management, general maintenance, confidential shredding, fleet vehicle management, janitorial requests, campus security and access control, material handling and utilities  

Campus Development  
Services include planning, design and project management for all VIU capital projects. These projects include major capital projects, minor capital projects, department initiated capital projects and carbon neutral capital projects. Development of the Nanaimo Campus Master Plan, Five-Year Capital Pan, design guidelines, facility inventory system, office inventory system and operating and maintenance manuals are also the responsibility of this team. 

Ancillary Services 
Areas of responsibility include the Campus Store, Conference and Event Services, Food Services, Catering, Vending, Printing & Duplicating, Starbucks, and Student Housing. 

This area manages carbon reporting for the institution as well as sustainability-related behavioural initiatives to engage and support the VIU community in developing and maintaining a culture of sustainable action.