VIU Campus Development

Campus Development

Campus Development plans and develops Vancouver Island University’s (VIU’s) built environment in an accessible, secure and sustainable manner. We are responsible for capital planning & project delivery, and Universal Access (as it relates to the built environment) on behalf of the institution. Our work involves the planning & oversight of new construction, renovations, and infrastructure replacements & upgrades, through which we are committed to creating an inclusive, accessible, safe and secure high-quality built environment that supports a thriving community for teaching, learning and research.


Health and Science Centre

Capital Planning and Projects

Capital Planning and Projects manages both major and minor planning activities, and the new construction that follows as a result.  This work includes not only new buildings, but also routine capital activity such as interior renovations, infrastructure replacements, exterior campus upgrades, furniture upgrades and configurations, employee moves or other proposed changes throughout VIU’s campuses and facilities. To connect with us, visit our Project Requests and Service Centre.

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Universal Access

Universal Access removes boundaries at VIU, both small and large. Current projects include wayfinding signage and renovations to bring key washrooms and other facilities up to Universal Design standards. To consult or collaborate with Campus Development’s Universal Access Team, email