VIU Nanaimo Campus Looking West

Lost and Found

Lost and Found at the Nanaimo campus is operated through the Security Office, found items are forwarded to Security, located in Building 315, Room 110.

Found Items

Items found during evenings or weekends can be handed in at the Cafeteria or the Library Welcome Desk, or Security.  It is important to get the found items to Security as soon as possible to ensure proper documentation is completed and those searching for lost items get them back in a reasonable amount of time.

Lost Items

  • Clothing such as socks, underwear and similar items will not be kept and will be discarded for health and safety reasons.
  • Items not recovered by its’ rightful owner will be donated to local charities and/or VIU internal student support programs.
  • Please check with the respective regional campuses for information on claiming or submitting lost and found items.

For further information call 250-740-6512.