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Nanaimo Campus Master Plan - 2017 Update

This supplemental report is meant to be used in tandem with the Vancouver Island University Nanaimo Campus Master Plan (2009 Master Plan). It is an amendment to the 2009 Master Plan and reflects current thinking and changes that are refinements to the Master Plan. It is not meant to be exhaustive does not revise all points,  infrastructure, and systems in detail.

Supplemental Report

2017 VIU Nanaimo Master Plan Update

Nanaimo Campus Master Plan - 2009

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Workbook 1 Planning Base - After months of fact finding the Master plan team have presented their findings.

Workbook 2 Explorations - An evolution of the first workbook this one focuses on the general solution.

viu-air-per-02-000.jpg Rendering - Short Range Development
viu-air-per-01-000.jpg Rendering - Long Range Development
2008-12-08-master-site-plan-thumb.jpg The Master Site Plan - A vision of the future
2008-11-24-campus-plan-phase-1-thumb.jpg Draft Campus Plan - Phase 1 (5 years)
2008-11-24-campus-plan-phase-2-thumb.jpg Draft Campus Plan - Phase 2 (10 years)
2008-11-24-campus-plan-phase-3-thumb.jpg Draft Campus Plan - Phase 3 (20-50 years)
2008-12-08-campus-plan-section-thumb.jpg Cross-Section Through the Central Quad
2008-12-08-campus-plan-view-1-thumb.jpg Digital Rendering Perspective 1
2008-12-08-campus-plan-view-2-thumb.jpg Digital Rendering Perspective 2
2008-12-08-campus-plan-view-3-thumb.jpg Digital Rendering Perspective 3
2008-12-08-campus-plan-view-4-thumb.jpg Digital Rendering Perspective 4


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