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Parking for Community

VIU Parking is managed through Indigo of Vancouver. Learn more about parking services and purchasing permits.

VIU Mobility Task Force

Information about the VIU Mobility Task Force and VIU Mobility Recommendations.

Contact Information and Hours

For more information on parking, please contact Indigo at or by phone: 1.800.469.4169The Parking office (Building 315) hours of operation are Monday to Friday from 9am - 3pm.

Guest Parking Coupon Codes

Guest Parking coupon codes replace the one day/guest parking permit booklets that were used for departmental guests to park on campus for non VIU sponsored events. Coupon codes can be purchased for any dollar amount needed.

If you required a Guest Parking coupon code, fill out the  Guest Parking Permit Request form and email it to All requests will need to be approved prior to a coupon code being issued. A request form is required regardless of whether it is a new request or a request to add funds.

Coupon code dollar amounts can be tracked and remaining balances confirmed by sending an email to Departments will need to provide the coupon code to Indigo for confirmation.

Note: Please allow for 5 working days prior to event for the coupon code to be issued.

Coupon Code Instructions for Guests are available for your guests on how to enter the information into the parking meter.

If you have any questions, please email for more information.