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Assistance and Emergency Calls

Assistance is available to anyone for the following:

  • Personal Security:
    • "Safe Walk" request
    • Assistance to access buildings / offices
  • Emergencies:
    • medical / first-aid / fire
    • vehicle / building break-in
    • report suspicious activity / person
    • theft / vandalism
    • Any other event of an urgent nature

Emergency calls can also be made from any telephone on campus by calling local 6600 or by calling 250.740.6600 from any outside telephone or cellular phone. All incidents and/or accidents on campus involving actual or potential danger to life or property must be communicated immediately.

All elevators on campus also have Assistance Phone buttons on the control panel, which may be used in the same circumstances.

Basic Policy and Responsibility

Facilities Services is responsible for the basic operation and maintenance of the physical facilities of the university; therefore any and all changes to the physical facilities must be approved by Facilities Services.

It is important that Facilities Services be advised of any proposed alteration or addition to any building or ground area. All work plans and completed work must be approved by Facilities Services for compliance with statutory requirements and established policies.

Bicycle Racks

Vancouver Island University provides bicycle racks on the Nanaimo campus. Bicycle racks are located throughout the campus for the convenience of bicycle riders.

Bicycles shall not be locked, secured or parked against handrails, fences, trees or in any other location that restricts access to any building, stairway, ramp, pathway, or in such a manner as to interfere with public safety. Parking or storage of bicycles inside of buildings, including vestibules and entrance/exit ways, is prohibited.

Any bicycles found in contravention of this statement will be subject to immediate removal at owner's expense. Owners will not be reimbursed for the cost of locks cut during removal. If your bicycle has been removed, please contact the Parking/Security office at 250.740.6512 to make arrangements to recover your bicycle. View a campus map of bike rack locations.

Bulletin Boards

Bulletin boards must be used for posting information. Anything posted elsewhere is subject to removal without notification. Bulletin boards for general use by faculty, employees and students are provided in strategic locations throughout campus buildings. All posted information on these boards must be stamped by VIU Student's Union. Many departments manage their own departmental bulletin boards and display cases, the use of which requires the permission from the respective faculty. To order and/or request installation of bulletin boards submit an purchase requisition.

Building Ventilation

Following the COVID-19 outbreak, VIU engaged a third-party engineering consulting firm to assess the state of VIU building mechanical systems. The assessment considered BC Building Code and WorkSafeBC (ASHRAE 62, Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality) requirements as well as recommendations from the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE). The findings have been positive with few identified deficiencies. The deficiencies are being addressed with mechanical system upgrades or with the introduction of room air purifier (RAP) units with HEPA filters. See diagram below.

Good indoor air quality requires ventilation and filtration.

In summary, VIU’s actions to date are the following:

  1. Assessed building mechanical systems to ensure adequate ventilation exists and that they meet BC Building Code for the corresponding occupant load.
  2. Further to meeting BC Code, we are installing MERV-13A-rated filters in all air systems for improved protection.
  3. We are addressing any ventilation deficiencies with mechanical system upgrades or with the introduction of room air purifier (RAP) units with HEPA filters.

Building Ventilation Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of adjustments or improvements are being made?

Adjustments include: increasing the amount of outdoor air being drawn into the building and in a few cases, establishing maximum occupant loads.

Improvements include: installing additional mechanical equipment, replacing existing equipment, or installing Room Air Purifying (RAP) units.

Do mechanical systems filtration provide any protection against pathogens?

Mechanical systems filtration provides extra protection against pathogens by trapping and collecting large and small particles. The efficiency of the filters is reported using the MERV rating, with the latest recommendation by ASHRAE calling for filters with rating MERV-13 or higher. Currently, MERV-13A filters are being installed on all mechanical systems, which is consistent with the latest industry recommendations in response to COVID-19.

How does Facilities Services know mechanical systems are operating properly?

Buildings are run on a networked Building Automation System (BAS) that provides live data feedback to Facilities Services. This feedback informs staff of most situations where systems may not be functioning properly. Facilities staff and building occupants can also inform Facilities of possible issues.

If I think a mechanical system is not functioning properly, what should I do?

Please notify Facilities with a Service Request. Alternatively, you may call Facilities Reception at 250-740-6500 or email Facilities Services will consider follow-up on Mechanical Systems a high priority, and follow-up to confirm the system is operating properly, or correct the issue if necessary.

Chargeable Services

Any requests for materials or services which are not related to the maintenance of base-building functions and services to occupants may result in the requesting department being charged. This includes changes to existing services to accommodate equipment installations, changes in room function or convenience.  Requests for services, should be submitted through the Service Request for service page.

Requests for Building Renovations and Modifications are to be requested via the Project Request found through the Services We Offer and your project will then be assigned accordingly for further consultation. A Project Request is for work beyond the scope of a Service Request with Facilities Services. A Project Request requires planning and coordination due to it's multi-disciplinary nature, and is usually over $2,000. These are capital upgrades such as: renovations, furniture reconfigurations, changes to electrical / mechanical systems, new flooring, fixtures etc.


In case of fire activate the nearest red fire alarm pull station and evacuate the building. Once outside, move to the designated assembly points and call 911. Keep clear of arriving emergency vehicles and building entrances.

Floor Plans

Campus Development maintains the floor plans for each building on campus. Any renovations must be discussed before work is started. Floor plans will be updated when work is completed. You can view floor plans through the Base Floor Plans. Any questions or comments please notify via

Pest Control

Pest Control activities are managed by Facilities Services, in consultation with the Health and Safety Services office to ensure the safety of all persons. Please report any pest problems or concerns to Facilities Services at local 6500 or through campus

Pets on Campus

Designated service animals are allowed on campus grounds and in campus buildings. The general guidelines for animals on campus are:

  • All animal feces must be picked up by the pet owner and disposed of in an appropriate manner.
  • Pets are not allowed to roam free (off leash) on campus.
  • Pets are not allowed in VIU buildings.
  • Animals are not allowed to be tied up outside on campus grounds.
  • Animals are not to be left in vehicles parked on campus.

Facilities Services reserves the right to contact the Animal Control Centre and have pets removed from Vancouver Island University property if the above guidelines are not adhered to.


All campus signs are designed, installed, and maintained by Facilities Services and Campus Development. Interior signs include directional and room identification signs, while exterior signs include parking area designation, building identification, directional signs (wayfinding), traffic signs, and others. For more information visit Campus Development or complete the Nanaimo Campus Sign Program request.

Snow / Ice Removal

Facilities Services is responsible for snow clearing and ice control activities on campus walkways, roadways, and in parking lots. All reasonable efforts will be made to keep roadways, walkways, and parking lots in acceptable condition for pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

Information on Snow/Ice removal.

Special Event Set-Ups

For tables, chairs, and any electrical requirements you need, submit a service request with all the appropriate information. Facilities Services will contact you for more information.

Event setup and moving for conferences and special events will be charged to the requesting department. The rates below are a guideline only.

Service Cost
Building 300 - Cafeteria table and chair pre/post event setup $400 - $600
Building 185 - Cafeteria table and chair pre/post event setup $200 - $300
Facilities Services general moving and setup labour $40 per hour
Contracted Movers - moving and setup labour (approx 4 hours will be required) $110 per hour
Shipping/Receiving tent canopy rentals $22-$33 per day - set up may be arranged for additional charge

Please contact Facilities Services at local 6500 or email us at for more information.

VIU Student / Staff ID Cards

Employee ID Cards

All employees must identify themselves upon request of Vancouver Island University employees or Security, by showing VIU Employee Identification Card (Policy 44.13).  Employee ID Cards are only issued to current Vancouver Island University employees. Your employee card is the property of Vancouver Island University. Upon termination of service, your employee card shall be returned to the Facilities Services office. Employee cards are not transferable.

To obtain your employee card, please bring 1 piece of picture ID or 2 pieces of ID with no picture. This card is to be used for:

  • On site identification
  • Borrowing library materials or equipment from the service desk
  • Card access to buildings

See Library hours of operation and info on Student ID Cards.