VIU Campus Development

Universal Access at VIU

As part of Campus Development, the Universal Access Team removes barriers at VIU – both small and large – striving to create an accessible, inclusive built environment for all. This team creates big-picture plans that prioritize the need for accessibility improvements, pursues grant opportunities for those improvements, educates and builds awareness on accessibility, and works closely with the Universal Access Committee and Accessibility Services in serving the diverse needs of students, employees and visitors. A key function of this area is managing accommodations to the physical environment for VIU students, faculty and staff with disabilities.


Map of barrier-free routes. Click here to access the Wayfinding Resources.

Accessible Maps

A PDF map with stair-free routes colored by degree of accessibility.

A web map for the Nanaimo campus featuring accessible building routes, single-stall gender neutral washroom locations and information, accessible entrance information and more. 

B210 Wayfinding Sign. Click here to access the additional maps.

Report an Accessibility Issue on Campus

Please let us know if you encounter any physical barriers (e.g., an out of order elevator, power door opener, construction blocking a path, etc.) at any of the VIU campuses.

Accessible Button

Washrooms Map

The locations of the Universal and Gender Inclusive Washrooms on the Nanaimo Campus. 

Elevator Signage

Building to Building Route Maps

A searchable database of PDF maps. Each map contains an accessible route between two buildings on the Nanaimo campus. 

Wheelchair user on ramp

Building Accessibility Information

Information and photographs for Accessible Washrooms, Entrances and Meeting Rooms for each building on the Nanaimo Campus. 

A screenshot of the VIU Access Route Map. Click here to download the map PDF.

Additional Maps

Additional maps for the Nanaimo Campus, including parking, ramp, power door, stairs and power door feature maps. 

VIU Disability Accommodation Process Flowchart

Disability Accommodation

VIU's Accommodation Process, for Students and Employees. 

Wayfinding Signs

Universal Access Committee

Curious about the Universal Access Committee (UAC)? Find out who we are and what we do. 

wayfinding sign

VIU Access Plan

VIU's Access Plan

Contact Us

Do you have any comments, questions or concerns relating to access? 

Do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Email:
  • Office Location: Building 210, Room 265
  • For assistance contact: Campus Security 250.740.6512

Dr. Linda Derksen - Universal Access Lead

Becky Thiessen - Universal Access Planner


Information for Facilities

Links to additional resources of interest, including the RHF Audits and Reports.

Access Information