About the UAC

The Universal Access Committee (UAC) was founded in 2017. We are committed to removing boundaries at VIU, both small and large.  

To date, the UAC has raised over 2 million dollars that is being used for accessibility upgrades on campus. 

Past and Present Projects

The UAC has and will continue to mitigate access issues right here on campus!

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UAC Members

Dr. Linda Derksen, Universal Access Lead and Professor of Sociology

Brenda McKay, Director - Human Resources

Bryan Tinlin, Director - Student Services

Darren Eveleigh, Co-CIO and Director - IT Operations

Drew Taylor, Interim Associate Director - Campus Development

Irlanda Price, Associate Vice-President - Student Affairs

Ian Johnsrude, Manager - Student Residences

Janette Polson, Executive Assistant to CFO & VP Administration

Mary Stasiuk, Access Specialist/Coordinator

Richard Lewis, Interim Associate Vice-President - Facilities and Ancillary Services