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Moving at VIU

While the majority of the moving at VIU can be as simple and straight forward as moving a file cabinet from one room to another which is initiated with a Material Handling Form, some moves can get very complicated when it starts to involve whole rooms of furniture and many people.

This page has been developed to provide the resources required to organize the more complicated moves.

If a move is not properly planned it will end up in a real mess which can leed to many frustrating moments and hours or days of lost production. Please use the resources here to avoid that mess!

Moving Guide - READ THIS GUIDE even if you have a small move. It is very detailed but provides all the information you need to coordinate your move.

Moving Check List - This is an excel spreadsheet that lists most of the major items identified in the Moving Guide that need to be reviewed and completed to ensure a smooth move takes place.

Voice Plan - Use this excel spreadsheet to track all the voice (telephone) information for your move.

Floor Plans - Use this link to download floor plans that can be used for your move coordination.